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Published on19 June 2014 Il Sole 24 Ore; Italia Oggi
labor contract for a fixed term as an apprentice

Fixed-term contracts and apprenticeship: the application of the guidelines CDL On 12 June 2014, the Research Foundation of Labour Consultants has issu...

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Published on07 June 2014 Il Sole 24 Ore; Italia Oggi
Investigation summary. The taxpayer to prove that supposed income does not exist

And 'the legitimate investigation based on index-factors of ability to pay from parameters and  qualified statistical calculations.remains, in th...

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Published on05 June 2014 Il Sole 24 Ore; Italia Oggi
INPS clarifies bonus Renzi

Analysis of social security benefits which fall within the scope of art. 1, D.L. n. 66 of 24 April 2014 on the reduction the tax burden for employees ...

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Published on26 May 2014 Il Sole 24 Ore; Italia Oggi
Obligation of electronically issued invoices as from 6th June 2014 to the revenue authorities

As from 6th June 2014  – when tax payers are obliged to issue electronically produced invoices towards the public authorities – the revenue autho...

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